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Get inspired: live with us the Costa Smeralda

Indulge in the excitement that Sardinia offers by booking an excursion with your stay

Full Day Trips

Big-game and deep-sea fishing

An unforgettable experience awaits our guests aboard the Delphina boats: a fleet of of prestigious boats expertly equipped for deep-sea fishing.

Why not experience the thrill of fishing in Sardinia’s seas and try out one of techniques or specialised skills associated with à deep-sea fishing.

  • coastline trolling
  • deep-sea trolling
  • drifting
  • deep line fishing
  • light line fishing

10% DISCOUNT for bookings combined with a holiday package.

Thanks to the fantastic Poseidon team you will be able to indulge in a personalised fishing experience including:

  • Fishing excursion with the assistance of expert sports fishermen
  • All inclusive weekend fishing excursions “organised”
  • Whale watching, including dolphin watching and
  • Workshops and lessons to improve various fishing techniques

Boat Hire – Yacht excursion in Sardinia

To enjoy the Northern Sardinian sea and sun in complete freedom, there is also a fleet of prestigious leisure craft available. Expert skippers and attentive service on board mean that you can spend days relaxing completely while discovering some of the most charming places along this stretch of water: the islands of the La Maddalena or Corsican Archipelago and the most famous destinations of the Costa Smeralda.

The service includes delicious champagne aperitifs and an elegant lunch with food and wine specialities to enjoy while on board. Choose your menu when you make the booking.

10% discount if you buy this trip when you make your holiday booking.

Fuel not included.

Yacht excursion in Sardinia – The sailing ship Pulcinella

The old sailing ship “Pulcinella”, with its characteristic red sails is the perfect way to spend a day sailing among the uninhabited islands of the La Maddalena Archipelago and relive the sensations and emotions felt by the early explorers as they searched for new lands to conquer.

This mini-cruise by sailing boat has a variable itinerary (depending on weather and sea conditions) around the islands of the La Maddalena Archipelago and the North Coast of Gallura. Among the various gems that Sardinia has to be admired is the island of Budelli, with a stop-off on the Cavaliere beach and the island of Spargi. A delicious sea-food lunch together with specially selected Sardinian products will be served on board, accompanied by a good wine. Depending on weather and sea conditions, it may be possible to move on to the Isola Piana in Corsica. The tour makes use of the engine for the outward leg and the sails for the return. A genuine paradise waiting to be discovered on board the sailing ship Pulcinella.

Mini-cruise to Corsica

For those wishing to discover the most delightful places in the Corsican Archipelago, we suggest this mini-cruise using our fast motorboats for a maximum of 12 guests. Crossing the Straits of Bonifacio is always a tremendous experience, and often made more so by the chance to see dolphins and on rare occasions even whales.

This round trip departs from the marina at Cala Capra passing below the famous Roccia dell’Orso and the North coast of Palau and after a short stop at the resort Valle dell’Erica, arrives at the characteristic small town of Bonifacio for a visit to its charming old centre.

The voyage continues along the South-East coast of Capo Pertusato, cruising below the high limestone cliffs to reach Punta lo Sperone and the striking stretch of sand that is Isola Piana for a first swim stop. After a delicious light lunch prepared by the Hotel we continue to the island of Lavezzi where we disembark for a pleasant stroll around the island, the chance to explore the enchanting sea bottom, or just to relax on the beach.

During the late afternoon and after a snack offered by the crew, we return to the hotel.

Tour of Gallura

The high inland area of Gallura is a marvellous resource for the North of Sardinia, a tableau of well-preserved ancient traditions set in fabulous natural scenery. This excursion, particularly recommended for those wanting to discover the authentic Gallura, reaches into the heart of this ancient region, crossing gentle hills covered with the famous natural sculptures carved out of the granite by the Mistral wind.

After having travelled across the luxuriant Gallura countryside, itself an open window onto the 19th century and the culture of the “Stazzi”, we reach the geographical heart of this granite area stopping for a short visit in the charming town of Luogosanto.

From here we proceed to the hermitage at San Trano and its typical dwelling before crossing the splendid granite landscape of Monte Pulchiana towards Aggius where we will visit the Meoc, the biggest ethnographic museum in Sardinia and the Banditry Museum, ( the only one in Italy). After a rewarding pause in the open air to enjoy the light lunch prepared by the Hotel, we continue with a visit to the Nuraghe Maiori at Tempio Pausania, which bears witness to the island’s incredible archaeological heritage. During the tour a snack and tasting of typical local products is planned together with our expert local guides.

The tour lasts about 7 hours.

Half Day Trips The best beaches on the Costa Smeralda

Delphina Express

For guests at the Resort Cala di Falco the staff are happy to organize fantastic excursions with the “Delphina Express”. On board our fast motor boat you will have the chance to visit different destinations in the La Maddalena Archipelago and stop for a swim directly from the boat in crystal clear water by pure white sandy beaches. In addition, on Tuesday and Thursday a visit and stop are planned on the Island of La Maddalena where you will be able to go for a walk among the typical little streets and see their lively markets and craft workshops. Every day you will be able to visit a new paradise on the North East coast of Sardinia.

Mini Tour of the Islands

For those who only want to spend half a day exploring the La Maddalena Archipelago and still be back at the hotel in time for lunch, we suggest the Mini Tour of the Islands. This excursion takes in some of the most beautiful parts of our sea with the option, depending on weather conditions, of visiting at least three of the most delightful islands in the North of Sardinia. This enjoyable trip is made more memorable by the chance to stop on two occasions for an invigorating swim directly from our boat in some of the more typical yet less frequented corners of the National Park.

Sea Safari

For those who want to explore the astonishingly clear waters of the Gallura seas with a mask and snorkel, we suggest the Sea Safari, an entertaining guided excursion which in addition to observing the marine eco-system, gives you the chance to discover more and also spot dolphins and other examples of Mediterranean sea life. The excursion uses a fast motorboat which follows a variable itinerary depending on the sea conditions between the islands of Caprera and Spargi, with a view of at least three islands and two stops for an entertaining swim.

Porto Cervo Sunset

A romantic evening along the streets of the Costa Smeralda. A guided trip allowing you to admire Porto Cervo and its surroundings and to take a walk at leisure among the streets and alleys of the most jet-set town on the Costa Smeralda. The wonderful marina, the famous little square and the designer boutiques take on an air of great charm in the light of the setting sun.

Wine Sensation Tour

For you to enjoy Sardinia through its prestigious wines: an oenogastronomic tour through the finest wine producers in Northern Sardinia with visits to the vineyards and tastings combined with a chance to discover some of the most fascinating places in the Gallura hinterland.
– Visit to Luogosanto
– Tasting at the “Museum”
– Visit to the Hermitage at S.Trano
– Visit to the Capichera vineyards
– Visit to the Giant’s Tombs
– Tasting at the vineyard

The tour lasts about 5 hours.

Ethno Tour

This is a personalized cultural-thematic tour that allows you to visit sites of archaeological, historical, ethnographic and cultural interest in Gallura and at the same time enjoying spectacular roads and scenery. The tour lasts around 4 hours with departures in both the morning and the afternoon. the route followed and the type of visit can all be personalised. Meals and tastings available on request.

Possible choices:

  • Archaeo-tour ( a tour of mostly archaeological interest)
  • Ethno-tour ( a tour of mostly ethnographical and cultural interest)
  • Granite tour (a tour of mostly naturalistic interest).

La Prisgiona Archaeological tour

To reveal the ancient face of the island and discover an ancient civilisation which has left one of the most important archaeological phenomena in the Mediterranean, we have created an enjoyable journey back through time in one of the best preserved archaeological sites of Gallura.

After a short journey, our guides will take us back into the past to visit the La Prisgiona Nuraghe with its village built around three thousand years ago, and the fascinating Giant’s Tombs, some of the most representative examples of prehistoric Sardinia.

The Nuraghic culture, which is still shrouded in mystery, has fuelled fantastic legends and myths and provides new discoveries every day.

For reasons of security the boat trips are not available for children under 3.

Diving in Sardinia

If you love the ocean depths, crystal-clear sea bottoms and diving, Sardinia is a real paradise for Scuba enthusiasts. The Resort Cala di Falco is a strategic point from which to set off on excursions into the most spectacular underwater world in the North of Sardinia. (outside operator).

Amongst the excursions available are:

  • Excursions to the Straits of Bonificio
  • Excursions to the La Maddalena Archipelago

Bike Hotel

The Cala di Falco Resort is one of the hotels of the Delphina Group equipped to welcome bicycle and mountain bike lovers interested in a cycling holiday or who want to explore the coastline of the North of Sardinia by bicycle during their stay.

The Cala di Falco Resort provides for its guests:

  • Mechanical assistance for almost any type of bicycle
  • A Road map of Sardinia detailing the mountain bike and road bike route maps
  • Guides on the itineraries are available (on request)
  • Mountain bike and top quality hybrid bicycles available for hire, top brands (outside operator available on request)

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